DONG DUONG DRAGON IMP-EXP CO., LTD. was established by leading experts in food production and safety. For a recent decade, Dong Duong Dragon have become indispensable condiment in delicious meal of many Vietnamese families.
Starting from a small manufacturing company, Dong Duong has gained a sustainable development and become one of the most prominent food providers in Vietnam supermarket network. The products under Dong Duong brand name were produced and launched to the market with reasonable price and recognized quality. Various species to meet domestic need was become the key steps for the next development. The year 2003 marked a great leap in Dong Duong business activities when a new was opened in Trung Trac – Van Lam industrial zone in HungYen province. This project has not only accelerated the business development in both manufacturing and trading for the company but also create jobs for many local people. We support producers who farm, grow, harvest and produce using sustainable and responsible methods.
Being highly conscious of the fact that success of the company is not only a reflection of the quality product, professionalism also responsible attitude of its management and employees, working ethic has been strongly focused from the time of origin reflecting the idea of honesty, safety and people health oriented. Therefore, “for the health of community” has become a well-known slogan attaching its value to the rapid development of the company and common prosperity of the society.
In connection to our continued efforts to further extend in market and give our esteemed clients comprehensive value added products, we are pleased to provide large spectrum of high quality products in our portfolio, offering as below: